restorative economies

We invite you to contribute your energy and ideas to the conversation at REGENERATE 2023.

Microbes * Markets * Climate

At REGENERATE 2023, we will explore regenerative agriculture at every scale — from microbial soil communities, to social relationships and markets, to our changing climate, and everything in between. The phrase “regenerative agriculture” was coined over 40 years ago. In the last 10 years, industry and markets have embraced this approach to food production and land stewardship, but the root practices have existed for millenia, starting with Indigenous land-based communities. Today, large corporations are investing in new technologies for carbon capture and ecosystem service verification, and see the opportunities for climate change mitigation from regenerative agriculture. Amidst all these advancements, we still need to look more deeply at the human influences that shape who has a seat at the table, who can access these markets, how markets are defined, and who can utilize the available funding for research, adaptation, and research. What history and knowledge has been lost, and continues to be lost, because of policies, agendas, and vested corporate interests? Who are the new faces of and leaders in the regenerative agriculture movement? How can we do a better job of creating access to resources for all those eager to participate in and scale this vital work? How can we, individually and collectively, shape how this industry evolves to address social, economic, and environmental needs? 

Come to REGENERATE to learn how people from all walks of life are innovating on the land, in the markets, and with their communities to bring greater diversity and resilience to this movement for the next 40 years. Whether you are an agricultural producer, land owner, conservationist, scientist, student, or concerned citizen, there is a place at the table for you to contribute to the solutions and innovations needed to help us create a resilient future. Through regenerative agriculture, we can address the numerous complex issues of climate change, loss of wildlife habitat and biodiversity, food security, and social equity facing our global community today. Join in conversations with people from diverse perspectives and experiences, stretch your thinking, and go to the next level of innovation on the land, in your business or community project. 

We will discuss these challenges and more, inviting our community to learn, collaborate, and contribute to this conversation at local, national, and global scales. We aim to provide a range of cross-disciplinary perspectives, from the conceptual to the applied, to create an inclusive, open space for knowledge exchange, challenging dialogs, and community building. With this conference, we will synthesize the knowledge of our many innovative community members to help create resilient lands, economies, and communities, scaling solutions across microbes, markets, and climate.

“Twenty plus years later, I still look forward to attending the annual conference–now called the REGENERATE Conference–of the Quivira Coalition, HMI and the American Grassfed Association.  What a joy to reconnect with old friends and mentors and to be re-inspired to the work we all do on the land, especially by the younger folk who now lead us.  The 2002 Quivira conference introduced me to the concept of regenerative management and provided the underpinning of my work as a rancher and producer. The principles of HMI solidified my practice and bottom line, and the early support of AGA was critical to our grassfed beef business.  I am thrilled that the three now work together to broaden our work and outreach.” 


Nancy Ranney
formerly Ranney Ranch/now the Ramos Ranch
Corona, NM