CJ Ames

John Liu
CJ comes to Quivira after 8 years of vegetable farming and dairying in the Pacific Northwest. They’ve worked as an apprentice, started their own small farm, and managed the startup of a nonprofit community farm and its transition to no-till. From the beginning of their farm career, CJ has been involved in supporting the education of other beginning farmers while learning alongside them. Their favorite place to work is where soil ecology meets human systems. After years of farming in the rainforest, they’re very excited to learn and adapt to agriculture in New Mexico’s arid climate. Though farm chores are high up on their list of favorite things to do, they also love making pottery, hiking, backpacking, and skate skiing with their sweet pup Kora.

Webinar Week

Erosion Control and Amendments
October 24  |  1:00pm

Across the intermountain west, interest has been growing in using organic amendments and native seeding with erosion control structures to increase plant establishment and productivity while ameliorating active headcuts. The Carbon Ranch Initiative has built rock rundowns on five ranches across New Mexico, with treatments of compost, mulch, and a native grass mixture to measure and compare the impacts of the treatments on different soil health indicators. This webinar will explain how we’re conducting this research, and the initial results we’ve found one year after building the structures and adding the treatments.