Lauren Lees

John Liu

Lauren is a second year apprentice with NAP, spending the season at Western States Ranches, under the management of Grasslands LLC on the west slope of Colorado. Originally from California, where she received an undergraduate degree in International Development and a minor in Native American Studies from UC Berkeley, she has spent the last decade practicing agriculture of various sorts on both the East and West coasts as well as the arid mountain west. While exploring the breadth of production styles, environments and value systems within small to mid scale organic and sustainably minded agricultural contexts, a desire to create large scale positive impact on our landscapes and food production systems has been a focus. Her introduction to the concepts and practices of holistic management and regenerative ranching have been a turning point in her focus and drive regarding what is possible in creating positive change in the wild and rugged landscapes she loves.

Plenary Panel

Young Agrarians: Living the Questions Now & Seeking Bold Solutions & NAP Graduation Ceremony