After completing Formal education Tim returned to the family farm in 2004 at the time it was all broad acre arable cropping all this changed in 2011 when Tim was accepted onto a Nuffield farming scholarship program where he spent time traveling and reflecting on the future of the business. This lead Tim to change the way the farm was to be run with a new focus on improving the productivity of the business land through a much greater focus on natural systems. Initially bringing half the farm into a 4 year diverse which was to be followed by 4 years of cropping, this has then developed into a more diverse business which collaborates much more with other producers. Tim had an introduction into Holistic Management in 2013 and that has been pivotal in steering the business to where it is now. Mobile Infrastructure is key to the future development of the enterprises on the farm allowing much greater flexibility and diversity of land use across the whole land area.
The farm now comprises of a mobile Dairy, pastured egg producer, both run by separate share farming agreements, alongside more diverse cropping including organic Quinoa, Gluten free oats and Lupins. In the future Tim hopes to have many more farming partners involved in processing and selling products as well as growing them all based on the farm.

Plenary Speaker

Restoration of land and economy