Ann Adams

John Liu

Ann has worked in the nonprofit world for over 25 years, creating and directing national programs, collaborating with over 100 non-profit and government entities to create positive impact among producers and land stewards seeking to build & maintain sustainable farms, ranches and healthy land. Her fund development work has included raising over $1 million for national whole farm planning training for beginning farmer programming. Ann served as HMI’s Executive Director from 2015-2020. Ann has been a Holistic Management Certified Educator since 1998 and has practiced and taught Holistic Management® in multiple capacities for 25 years. She also has facilitated classes (onsite and distance learning), taught workshops and presented at conferences. She has written countless articles, helped develop agriculture-based software for financial and grazing planning and written a training handbook, At Home with Holistic Management: Creating a Life of Meaning. Ann also taught courses at Indiana University, Wittenberg University, and Antioch College. She earned her BSED from Ohio University and her PhD from Indiana University. When she isn’t serving as HMI’s Education Director, Ann is Chief Goatherd on her small farm in the Manzano Mountains and Captain of her Earthship (a house made out of tires with photovoltaics, composting toilet and rainwater harvesting) southeast of Albuquerque, New Mexico with her wife, Ellen.

Webinar Week

Determining Value, Risk, and Scale: How to do a Gross Profit Analysis

A Gross Profit Analysis (GPA) is an essential piece of Holistic Financial Planning and a great way to determine your cost of production for any enterprise. You can also determine the risk involved in that enterprise at different scales so you can determine the right scale for you for any enterprise as well as the profit you can expect from that enterprise. A GPA will also help you determine the right price for your products. In this experiential workshop you will have time to practice this financial tool so you will have the skills to do a GPA on your enterprise. Bring your calculator to the workshop! Taught by HMI Certified Educator Ann Adams who has been teaching Farm Service Agency Borrower Training and Beginning Farmer Financial Planning Training for over 20 years.