April Parms Jones

John Liu

April Parms Jones is originally from Akron, Ohio and advocates for her community as part of the food justice, water access and the food sovereignty movement. She is passionate about community gardens, farmer markets and creating a just food system. She is a writer, public speaker, consultant, blogger, recipe developer, book reviewer, event planner and more. She contributes content to her blog Frolicking Americana, and to national and international magazines, Mother Earth, Country Lore, The Natural Farmer, Grit, Growing for Market, Ark Republic, Ecoparent Magazine, Growers and Co., Farmers Market Coalition writer, The Agrarian Trust, Cornucopia Institute and Farmer’s Market Coalition, and is an Emerging Leader in food and agriculture nominee.

Workshop Presenter

Storytelling, Marketing and Cultural Food Ways 

Join April Jones, founder of the Pinehurst Farmers Market and work group member for the “Anti-Racist Farmers Market Toolkit“. At this workshop, April will help producers and others involved in agricultural marketing ground their marketing efforts in anti-racism and equity through awareness and connection to cultural foodways and practices that honor numerous cultural traditions in food. She’ll help participants think through how they market and tell their story. Additionally, there will be chance for small-group discussions to hear from one another and how you currently market and how you hope to market in the future.