Benita Litson

John Liu

Benita has had the privilege to be raised in a ranching and farming family on the Navajo Nation. A mother of three boys and enjoy having them at her side working day to day. Also holds an 8-5 job is also working as the Dine College Land Grant Director allowing her to work with farmers and ranchers on the Navajo Nation and connecting them to new methods, techniques or strengthening their operations. Her belief is that there is no better way to educate others unless you have walked in their shoes and that’s is her approach is to ensure to teach what is practiced. With her older sister, her children, nephews, niece and our parents, they re-approached how Litson Ranch should be operated. With the intent that the children become invested in livestock production with range management becoming a key part to positively building the next generation of Litson Ranch. This journey has led to changing the sales of calves to auction and moving to production of direct sales of Litson Ranch beef. So many benefits to this change, 1) Providing direct food source. 2) Strengthening our connection to the land. 3)The next generation of Litson Ranch are becoming more invested in the important aspects of livestock production and range management.

Workshop Presenter

Leadership & Entrepreneurship Skills for Value-Driven Businesses: Learning from an Indigenous Approach