Brian Wehlburg

John Liu

I enjoy sharing my passion for environmental improvement and grazing management. I have managed my own farming businesses in Zimbabwe and Australia. As a director of my training and consultancy company, Inside Outside Management, I have worked with diverse groups including environmental organizations, family businesses, and sole operators both in Australia and New Zealand, delivering Holistic Management courses and grazing management workshops. I have much experience working in a team with people from different cultures and backgrounds. This, together with my passion for Holistic Management allows me to create an atmosphere of trust within a group, enabling the diverse participants to actively contribute towards positive outcomes. I am a Board member of Holistic Management International.

Plenary Panel

Resilience Through Catastrophe: Preparation for and Recovery from Climate Disasters

Hear from panelists about how producers and technical service providers can prepare for and recover from climate disasters like wildfire through building soil health, holistic management, and unique partnerships and collaborations. We’ll hear perspectives from New Mexico, California and Australia, including challenges and success stories, as we address local climate and natural disaster catastrophes via local and global perspectives.