Charles Abbott

John Liu

I am a 2nd year NAP apprentice at the Indreland Ranch in Big Timber, MT. Before I came to the New Agrarian Program in 2021, I worked on wildland fire crews around the country. This provided me with time to dip my toes into agriculture during my off seasons, which had been an interest of mine since college. As I worked in wildland fire my interest in land management grew, particularly in the west and on large landscapes. This interest led me to books and podcasts about what ranchers were doing with grazing. When I finished my last fire season in October 2020, I set out to find my way onto a ranch that was being managed regeneratively and discovered the New Agrarian Program.

I am passionate about grasslands, grazing, soil health, good food, and community. My experience in the New Agrarian Program has fueled these passions even further and allowed me to dive headfirst into the world of agriculture and land management, and I am excited for the opportunities ahead of me.

Plenary Panel

Young Agrarians: Living the Questions Now & Seeking Bold Solutions & NAP Graduation Ceremony