Dr. Chelsea Carey

John Liu

Dr. Chelsea Carey serves as the Working Lands Research Director and Principal Soil Ecologist at Point Blue Conservation Science. In this role, she develops strategic partnerships and leads priority research projects focused on characterizing soil properties that are relevant to soil health, climate change mitigation, and regenerative land management. Dr. Carey has published over a dozen peer-reviewed articles and reports on soil ecology and stewardship, and is currently spearheading a large multi-state, multi-institute project to better understand how rangeland management practices affect carbon sequestration across space and time.

Webinar Week

Measuring soil carbon and health on rangelands: A how-to webinar

In this webinar, we will hear from scientists at Point Blue Conservation Science on how to measure and monitor soil carbon and health on rangelands. Focusing on the emerging Range-C Monitoring Framework, the group will discuss how to select indicators, identify the study area and sampling locations, determine the number of samples needed, and ensure data quality. By the end of the webinar, attendees will have a working understanding of the key decisions that go into measuring soil carbon and health in a way that produces reliable results, and how the Range-C Monitoring Framework can help navigate those decisions during the monitoring process.