Clinton Wilson

John Liu

A native of rural Texas, Clinton has spent most of his career working for social-service non-profits in the Pacific Northwest. In 2017 he and his family relocated to Fort Collins, Colorado where he supported local farmers and ranchers through his role as the Executive Director of Poudre Valley Community Farms; a farmland cooperative assisting with land access for local producers. He is now the program director for AgWell, a project of Rocky Mountain Farmers Union that supports the well-being of farmers, ranchers, ag workers, and their families as they navigate what is often a stressful profession. Clinton is passionate about creating a more connected, community-focused, collaborative, and robust support system for the agricultural community here in the Rocky Mountain Region.


Webinar Week

Cultivating a Restorative Lifestyle

The most important part of any agriculture operation is the people doing the work. Farming and ranching can be very rewarding and also very hard on our mind and body. This workshop will explore ways that people working in agriculture can prioritize and support their own mental and physical well-being along with the well-being of the people they work with. It will also look at how the needs of the crops, and livestock inform the needs of the people raising them. Restorative economies depend on restoring the health and well-being of the farmers, ranchers, and agriculture workers that make them possible.