Dan Probert

John Liu

Dan Probert
Cattle Rancher, Lightning Bolt Cattle Co.
Country Natural Regenerative Ranching Director
Dan Probert has spent his entire life in the Cattle Ranching business. Growing up on a ranch in Eastern Oregon, Dan moved to the central coast of California and started his own ranching enterprise in 1982. Dan moved back to Eastern Oregon in 1994 where he now ranches near Joseph Oregon. Dan also manages the resources on cow/calf and yearling operations in central Oregon and Washington.
The past 25 years Dan has been involved with the Country Natural Beef Cooperative first as a member then as its Production coordinator and served as its Executive Director for 5 years. Dan currently holds the title of Regenerative Ranching Director for Country Natural Beef. CNB is a cooperative of family ranches that has been in existence since 1986. Currently CNB is 100 members strong and markets 65,000 animals per year to companies like Whole Foods, New Seasons Markets, and Sysco. Dan also was on the board of the Global Animal Partnership animal welfare board for 10 years.
Currently, Dan is working with Country Natural Beef ranchers, Sustainable Northwest and Northway Ranch Services to build and implement a regenerative ranching program that will involve more than 100 ranchers across the west. The program seeks to bring sustainable ranching practices to the forefront and document the continued success of regenerative ranching practices implemented on their lands.

Plenary Speaker

Partnership on the Prairie

The focus of the presentation will be to talk about our collaboration with The Nature Conservancy, Country Natural Beef, Sustainable Northwest and other groups that we work with to acheive mutual outcomes on our ranch onthe Zumwalt Prairie. Also highlighting the good work that Country Natural Beef is doing beyond our ranch in working with over 90 ranches in the west to create a regenerative program that focuses on continuous improvement.