Dave Shields

John Liu

Dave Shields along with his wife Ginger and children operate Pastured Life Farm in O’Brien Florida. Born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida, Dave’s first career was in IT & Network Services, culminating in the building and operation of a data center and network infrastructure & security consulting businesses.

After growing tired of the corporate hustle, with no agrarian background, in 2007, Dave and his wife decided to relocate their family to the rural farmlands of Florida. For the first couple of years, Dave and his family embarked upon many animal operations while Dave telecommuted to work.

After years of management, and through the careful implementation of their pastured poultry program, Pastured Life Farm now produces a wide variety of pasture-based proteins. Today, their farm provides direct farm to consumer products to thousands of customers in Florida.‚Äč

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Adding Layers to the Ranch

There are many benefits to adding laying hens to your farm or ranch, from the fertility and disturbance imparted to your land to the valuable marketable products they produce. Reach a wider range of customers through a highly consumable product to generate more recurring sales of your other products.

Addressing the fundamentals of managing pastured laying hens, including feed and nutrition, portable housing solutions, and health to unlock a whole new revenue stream for your business.