Deborah Clark

John Liu

Deborah Clark and her husband Emry Birdwell run a stocker operation of 5,000–7,000 head on the 14,000-acre Birdwell & Clark Ranch in Clay County, Texas. The enterprise mix consists of 2,000 stocker cattle on leased wheat acres and one herd of approximately 5,000 head at the ranch using a high density grazing management plan. The primary goals of the grazing practice are to consistently improve range conditions, soil health, and cattle productivity. A secondary interest is assessing and monitoring the impact of high density grazing on wildlife and habitat with a focus on bobwhite quail. Emry has been a practitioner of Holistic Management since the early 1980s and Deborah has been involved in Holistic Management since 2009. As a Certified Educator Deborah works to help others learn to manage their resources in a way that keeps the business, land, family, and community healthy.

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