Elena Miller-ter Kuile

John Liu

Elena Miller-ter Kuile is a 6th generation farmer working on the original lands of her Hispano ancestors. Her farm Cactus Hill Farm still uses some of the oldest water rights in Colorado established in 1867. Elena raises sheep for grass fed meat as well as value-added wool products such as yarn and other products for fiber artists. She sells both online and in person. Her farm also produces organic grains, and hay. Elena studied interdisciplinary studies in Agriculture from Cornell University and graduated with honors.

Elena served as the vice-chair of the San Luis Valley Local Foods Coalition and currently serves on Rural Women-Led Business Fund at the First Southwest Bank of Colorado. She recently worked for Adams State University supporting students from a migrant agricultural background to achieve their education. She has also been involved in many water rights battles for her community over the years. She is recently nominated to the Colorado Agriculture Commission.


Sustainable Sheep: Honoring the Animal, Healing the Planet

Come hear from regenerative sheep producers Elena Miller-ter Kuile from Cactus Hill Farm near La Jara, Colorado and Jeanne Carver of Imperial Stock Ranch / Shaniko Wool Company near Shaniko, Oregon on how they have developed their agricultural practices to regenerate the land and improve soil health as well as honor the animals they raise but maximizing the value of those animals in their marketing. These two women have been involved in a variety of direct marketing and value-added products, including carbon markets, and will also share about the markets they have created and how they have engaged their communities in that effort. Whether you raise sheep or not, this split plenary will provide food for thought on how human creativity and community building are critical to regenerative agriculture.