Emmanuel Alzuphar

John Liu

Adolfo Alzuphar is Young Farmer’s Field Director. He grew up in Haiti. He now lives in Black Mountain, NC, where he and his partner sow seeds and community.

Plenary Speaker

Innovation and Moving the Needle Forward

As stakeholders in a democracy with around 161 million people registered to vote, pushing any issue forward begs us to ask what the best way for going about it is. In a 161 million person democracy, organizations embrace mass media and technologies able to communicate and build bases widely. As a national organization informed and seasoned in building bases, we not only want to communicate and build bases widely, but also build resilient bases, from whom strong leaders can emerge. How does one do this with social media and mass media technology? Finally, at Young Farmers we believe in innovative policies that speak to a 161 million person democracy, and in a culture to ground this work in, a culture that can host such an effort.