Enrique Guerrero

John Liu

I am a professional manager passionate about livestock, always seeking to innovate and improve all the important aspects to be a productive business in the livestock industry, concerned about the three most important aspects such as people, land, and livestock.


The Potential of Regenerating Soils and Increasing Productivity and Profitability with Livestock

I am passionate about land regeneration, always looking for a reconciliation between environmental stewardship and profitability of the cattle business on any amount of land. Observing the natural processes of the land and the different species of either livestock or wildlife is how  to gather a wealth of information, allowing you to maximize land and animal potential. I am currently working on an ambitious project: regenerating a 350,000-acre cattle ranch in West Texas while running a 2,500-head grass-fed operation. I have also used these techniques to reclaim a mine tailing site and on my own ranch.