Thriving People, Lands & Livestock: Hands-On Regenerative Grazing & Drought-Proof Profitability

Thriving People, Lands & Livestock: Hands-On Regenerative Grazing & Drought-Proof Profitability

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This engaging and hands-on workshop aims to provide participants with practical skills in regenerative grazing and sustainable drought planning. The goal is to enhance profitability, improve quality of life, and foster thriving landscapes through quick, easy, and accurate forage assessments.

What You’ll Learn:
– Regenerative Grazing Techniques: Innovative grazing strategies that promote soil health, increase biodiversity, and improve livestock productivity.
– Forage Assessment: Methods for quick and accurate assessment of forage availability and quality to ensure optimal grazing practices.
– Drought Planning: Effective drought mitigation plans that sustain both profitability and the health of the land during challenging conditions.
– Sustainable Profitability: Techniques for balancing economic goals with environmental stewardship for long-term success.
– Improving Quality of Life: Understanding how regenerative practices can reduce stress, enhance lifestyle, and build a resilient agricultural community.
– Creating Thriving Landscapes: Insights into practices that contribute to robust ecosystems, promoting a harmonious relationship between agriculture and nature.
Whether you are a seasoned farmer, a rancher, or new to the concept of regenerative agriculture, this workshop offers valuable insights and practical knowledge to help you achieve sustainable success. Join us to enhance your skills, improve your land, and contribute to a thriving future for all.

Speaker: Linda Pechin-Long, Graze the Prairie
Linda Pechin-Long is an HMI Certified Educator with extensive experience in ranching, particularly in raising cattle and sheep. She is a dedicated facilitator, working with individuals across multiple states to promote sustainable grazing practices and holistic management techniques.
Linda will be assisted by Rebekah Napier of Buckeye Ranch.

Cost is $75.

Contact Dana McDaniel Bonham at [email protected] with any questions.
Registration will open June 28.


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