Hilary Knight

John Liu

Hilary Knight is an advocate for regenerative agriculture, with a strong focus on sustainable land management practices. Originally from a beef cattle farm in South Africa, Hilary pursued a Bachelor of Commerce degree at Pretoria University before venturing into entrepreneurship.
After spending time working in London and traveling, Hilary returned to South Africa and embarked on an entrepreneurial career managing IT training, recruitment and selection, and education businesses. Due to family involvement, she became a practitioner of Holistic Management and contributed to her husband’s inter-generational family ranching business at a strategic level. She also assisted with hosting educational events and workshops that showcased the success of Holistic Management on their beef cattle farm in northern South Africa.
Having relocated to north Texas, Hilary currently serves as the Vice President of Operations at the Dixon Water Foundation. In this role, she manages finance, risk portfolios, and outreach efforts while overseeing events at the Josey Pavilion, Texas’ first living building. Through collaborative initiatives with like-minded organizations, Hilary strives to advance the adoption of regenerative agricultural practices.

Workshop Presenter

HMI Succession Planning Workshop