Jesse Pinkner

John Liu

I grew up in St. Louis Missouri but have always tried to spend most of my time outdoors climbing, camping, hiking and dreaming about making a livelihood in a more open space than the city. My family has a some what abandoned ranch in the panhandle of Texas and it has always been a dream of mine to live, work and steward that ranch. The only problem was that I didn’t have the first idea how to make that happen. Until, my wife Leah found out about the New Agrarian Program. In March of 2021 we left everything we had and everyone we knew in St. Louis to move to a 350sq foot tiny home on the Moe Ranch in Two Dot, Montana. Since the moment we arrived my life has been constantly evolving into something I used to dream about. The community we engage with, the land we get to help steward and our mentor Shane Moe have and will continue to change how I look at the world for years to come!

Plenary Panel

Young Agrarians: Living the Questions Now & Seeking Bold Solutions & NAP Graduation Ceremony