Jesse Smith

John Liu

Jesse Smith is the Director of Land Stewardship at White Buffalo Land Trust, a non-profit dedicated to advancing regenerative agriculture. Raised on California’s Central Coast, he focuses on fostering diverse partnerships for multi-stakeholder projects. Jesse is particularly interested in multi-strata agroforestry, hydrological restoration, and specialized agroforestry crops such as agave, elderberry, and mushroom farming. He actively works to restore ecological balance in food, fiber, and medicine production, emphasizing soil health, water cycles, and biodiversity. In his role, Jesse manages the Center of Regenerative Agriculture at Jalama Canyon Ranch, a 1,000-acre site that integrates farming, ranching, and conservation. He oversees vineyard operations, livestock care, and restoration activities. Jesse Smith’s leadership and dedication to regenerative agriculture are driving transformative changes. Through collaboration and commitment, he inspires others and advances the principles of regenerative land stewardship.

Plenary Speaker

Place-Based Regeneration: An Agricultural Process

“Place-Based Regeneration: An Agricultural Process” is grounded in the work of White Buffalo Land Trust at the 1,000-acre Center for Regenerative Agriculture at Jalama Canyon Ranch. Located in California’s Central Coastal ecoregion, we explore our work through hands-on experiences with livestock management, perennial agroforestry, and watershed restoration. This presentation delves into the unique characteristics of our place, the time in which we work, and the fabric of our community. We examine the specific opportunities and challenges we’ve encountered, and how these shape our practices, desired outcomes, and monitoring methods. By sharing the principles that have guided our work and the insights we’ve gained, we aim to deepen the understanding of regenerative processes that lead to soil health, enhanced water cycles, promoted biodiversity, and improved human and community well-being.