Jessica Chiartas is a Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of California, Davis. Her research focuses on the long-term impacts of agriculture on soil carbon and overall soil health with a unique focus on carbon at depth. She is interested in better understanding soil health/regenerative ag practices on a soil type, cropping system, climate specific basis and works with diverse multi-stakeholder groups towards the standardization of metrics and methodologies for use in policy initiatives, economic markets, and other incentive programs. She has a passion and drive for translating learnings from food and agricultural sciences into practice and believes the solutions to global grand challenges from human to environmental health lie in the way we manage and interact with our soils.

She serves on the Soil Science Society of America Science Policy Committee, the REGEN1 Executive Committee and Steering Board, and is the UC Davis partner member of the California Farm Demonstration Network, which brings together California Department of Food and Ag, UC Davis, UC Cooperative Extension, UC Ag and Natural Resources, Natural Resource Conservation Service, Resource Conservation Districts, and Farm Bureau to create a farmer-to-farmer network of discovery, support, and knowledge/information sharing. She also developed a website, a series of short videos and educational resources that highlight the connection between soil and life, in collaboration with USDA-NRCS.

Plenary Speaker