John Arbuckle

John Liu

Singing Pastures used to be a one farmer operation.  We have grown to be a business filled with farmers, ranchers, graphic designers, accountants, data analysts, supply chain managers and marketers.    We are driven by our desire to heal the ecosystem we live in, create the most nutrient dense pork in the country and maintain our target margin. 

Singing Pastures in its current form was founded by John and Holly Arbuckle in 2010.  John was a 9th generation family farmer and Holly was an acupuncturist.  Our goals proved an elusive target to achieve until Holly stepped into the CEO and Marketing position at Singing Pastures.  With Hollys leadership, our sales went up. With that increase in margin, we found the spaciousness to move toward the other goals more effectively. Singing Pastures manufacturers smoked sausages and salami which we most sell in the “online wholesale” channel.  

They say that a smart person learns from their mistakes and a wise person learns from someone else’s!  Come listen to some of our mistakes and how we overcame them so that hopefully you can avoid them in your journey.

Plenary Speaker

Turning Your Passion into a Paycheck: Farm to Food Production and Financial Literacy

Grazing management isn’t the only thing you need proficient at to succeed in today’s world. The planning process that allows you to document Cost of Goods Sold is part of the platform that we as farmers move forward from.  Let’s talk about a way of showing COGS that allows us to optimize the decision making process that leads to higher margins.