Linda Pechin-Long

John Liu

Linda lives in Southeast Kansas where she and her husband Keith Long raise cattle, and sheep on native tallgrass prairie using Holistic Planned Grazing. With the planned grazing they can consistently improve the tallgrass prairie, soil health, animal productivity and wildlife habitat. Linda has years of experience direct marketing her products both wholesale and retail and can help you build a business/marketing plan. Also, with over 25 years in the hospitality sector, Linda is uniquely positioned to help you address leadership, personnel, team dynamics, and management systems issues. Keith has been a practitioner of Holistic Management since the mid-90s, and Linda has been involved in Holistic Management since 2008. As a Certified Educator, Linda has facilitated workshops and coached clients in improving their quality of life, their finances, and their land. Graze The Prairie is an official HMI Learning Site Linda works to help others learn to manage their resources in a way that keeps the business profitable, as well as land, family, and community thriving.

Roundtable Facilitator

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