Mandy is a Regenerative Agriculture Educator and Consultant. With a background in Sociology and Environmental Affairs, Mandy passionately educates about the amazing and vast benefits of Regenerative Agriculture, Holistic Land Management, and the local sourcing of regenerative food, products, and services…ultimately, the positive impact we can have on the planet when we learn from and think like Nature.

Through her work with various farms and ranches over the years, she recognizes many of the barriers faced in transitioning to regenerative agriculture and also in promoting understanding and community support of regenerative practices and management. Her ways of educating and creating awareness are multi-faceted involving things like the creation of a regenerative agriculture storytelling tool kit (in process), giving presentations and workshops, interviewing farmers and ranchers (Tribe Green Rising YouTube channel), and working to galvanize connection around the ultimate goal of having safe and healthy communities on a biodiverse, thriving planet.

Webinar Week

Regenerative Agriculture: Dedication, Grit, and the Stories We Live and Tell
October 25  | 11:00am MT

There is a lot involved in the industrial-to-regenerative transition. It is a process that asks us to return to the indigenous roots of agriculture and partner with Nature. It can also be difficult to establish an educated and supportive community base as the complexity of working in relationship with Nature can be difficult to explain.

In partnership with the James Ranch (a regenerative ranch in Durango, CO), we are creating an educational storytelling tool kit with the goal of enabling people to experience the excitement, beauty, health, and hope of Regenerative Agriculture and Holistic Land Management and what it means to listen to, learn from, and work in relationship with Nature. The intent is to help give you the tools to share the story of your operation.

For this webinar, please come prepared to share your own experiences: who you are, how you got into Regenerative Agriculture, the current work you are doing, any problems/barriers you’re facing, and/or also what triumphs/successes have you excited and motivated?! Starting with my own story and where it has led me, I will look forward to our discussion!