Ridge Shinn

John Liu

Ridge Shinn is the Executive Director of the Northeast Grass-fed Beef Initiative (NGBI). He also is the co-founder and CEO of Big Picture Beef, recently launched to produce Northeast grass-fed beef for Northeast customers. He has been a leader in the shift from feedlot production to raising cattle on a diet of 100% grass and forages – no grain. In addition to raising a large herd of grass-fed Rotokawa Devon beef cattle in Massachusetts, he was the Vice President of a Connecticut slaughterhouse and founded a successful meat company, Hardwick Beef. He has developed markets and distribution systems for 100% grass-fed beef throughout the northeastern United States and has consulted all over the US and for the Argentine government on the production and marketing of grass-fed beef. His work has been recognized in Time Magazine, Atlantic Monthly, New York Times, Wine Spectator and Smithsonian.

Webinar Week

Economic Success with Regenerative Grazing

This talk will focus on economic viability of grazing; creating 3-6 times more biomass per acre, improved animal health and reproduction, how management of the solar collector with ruminants creates consistent high-quality meat. Calve in sync with nature, winter graze and use limited structure to avoid concentration of nutrients. Measure success by evidence of rumen function (manure quality). Economic success with AMP grazing also creates resilience and combats drought and flooding.