Tracy Shane

John Liu

Tracy Shane is a university researcher and educator who initiated the Drone Rangers as a group of researchers and students focused on understanding the uses of drones in grassland and rangeland management and engaged in education and outreach in this area of study. With her Drone Rangers team, Ms. Shane focuses on answering questions such as: how effective are specific grazing treatments for achieving management objectives; how much do targeted grazing treatments reduce fine fuels and alter wildfire behavior?; and, which emerging technologies are cost effective for improving grazing management? As a certified professional in rangeland management, Ms. Shane has been working with livestock producers and in the field of range management for 24 years.

Plenary Speaker

Drone technologies for forage and grazing management

During this workshop/presentation, participants will learn about innovations in drone-based technologies for improving management of forages and grazing management. Topics covered include: improvement of estimates of available forage, identification of species/functional groups, and tracking management success. This presentation will also touch on how to get started with drones and identifying appropriate sensors for the data that livestock producers want to collect.