Wendy Lau

John Liu

Wendy Lau, M.D. is an Emergency Medicine physician. She has worked in some of the busiest hospitals in New York City. She went to medical school at Cornell University and then completed Emergency Medicine residency in Brooklyn. To support herself during the stress of working in the emergency department, she began practicing meditation. She also became a competitive kickboxer and taught other competitors meditation and visualization techniques. She continued studying Eastern philosophies and experimenting with how they could support her medical practice, and after many years of personal study, began giving practical lectures around dealing with physician burnout. 

During the pandemic she moved to Upaya Zen Center, where she worked remotely with physicians from around the world to support them through the pandemic. After living there for several years she was ordained by Roshi Joan Halifax as a Zen priest. She continues to teach physicians meditation and ways to thrive in the high burnout environments of medicine, guiding them to a meaningful and fulfilling career and life that they originally set out to live. She has recently started to work in addiction and recovery in the Santa Fe area. She is also a co-director of Upaya’s Nomads Clinic that delivers medicine to remote, high-altitude villages of Himalayan Nepal, and a trained Buddhist chaplain. 

Meditation Leader

Thursday November 2, 5:45 – 6:15PM
Friday November 3, 7:15 – 7:45AM
in the Pojoaque room

We hope you’ll join us for meditation and breathwork led by Wendy Lau from the Upaya Zen Center. We know conferences can be a lot, between networking and information-gathering. This time is set aside for relaxation, unwinding and to tune into your body and breath.