Women Food and Agriculture Network and American Farmland Trust’s Women for the Land teams will share our work with Iowa women landowners, which is focused on climate storytelling. We will share our Stories of the Season project which is grounded in producer/landowner experiences with seasonal weather and its extremes. Workshop attendees will learn and get to experience some of the multi-media outputs created within this project. Following our programmatic sharing, we will then invite a group exploration of climate emotions and memories as we wade into the complicated emotional territory of living in a changing world that is increasingly out of balance. Join us for this exploration and an opportunity to create multimedia art (no artists are required!) that will possibly include poetry, painting, weaving (and other fiber arts) and maybe even dance and illustration as an expression of our individual and shared experiences navigating big change. We hope to share the outputs of this workshop at our exhibitor table(s) during the main conference as a way to keep the conversation going beyond this workshop.