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Building: Hydro, Room: Cottonwood
Carbon180 is a non-profit advocacy organization focused on scaling land-based carbon removal through producer-informed policies. While the agriculture and forestry sectors have received increased attention in the carbon removal space due to the clear connection between managing for soil health and building soil carbon, incentives for carbon management have not always centered producers’ needs. In this producer-focused workshop, we’ll provide a brief overview of the connection between land-based carbon removal and carbon sequestration in agriculture and outline current opportunities and barriers for producer participation in soil carbon management. Then, we’ll open it up for discussion and conversation around farmer and rancher perceptions of soil carbon, soil health, and to learn from any producer’s experiences with implementing practices to increase carbon sequestration. We want to hear from you – from young to seasoned producers, ranchers to row-crop farmers, and everyone in-between! Come and share your own experiences to inform creative policy solutions to better support your needs and producer leadership in carbon sequestration. This workshop will set the stage for a corresponding roundtable discussion during the Regenerate Conference. We welcome you to join the workshop even if you can’t attend the roundtable. Producer input during the workshop will inform Carbon180’s future policy proposals and our current policy advocacy efforts for the upcoming Farm Bill.
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